Seat Belt Use Saves Lives

A couple of people very dear to me were recently in an automobile accident. Without getting into too many details, the diver lost control on a slippery road in the fog and hit a sign post. The car was broken in two, the gas tank ruptured and exploded. The driver was thrown from the car.

Here's a picture of the car after it had been taken to the police impound lot, and the various pieces sort of piled together.

The point of the story is that both the driver and the passenger not only survived, but will make full recoveries, and were not even disfigured by the accident. Both were wearing seat belts, which without doubt saved their lives. Even though the part of the car that the driver's side belt was attached to was torn off and he was ejected from the car, his using the seat belt meant that a living person was ejected, and not a dead body.

We are so thankful for their survival and recovery that words fail me.

Use your seat belts.

They work.