Klondike Camp, January 1998

The Klondike campout is an opportunity for scouts to test scoutcraft skills in a setting based on the Alaskan Gold rush days. They compete against the clock in different contests requiring them to use their skills and teamwork to solve vaious problems together. For sucessful completion of the tasks, they get gold nuggets, (well, painted gold anyway) which they redeem for prizes at the end of the day.

Here are some pictures I took at the campout. Click on the image for a larger version.

Here is Troop 4’s team with their sled. This year there was a severe shortage of snow, so they ended up carrying the sled everywhere.

In this event, the scouts race against the clock to build a fire. There’s a piece of twine stretched between two stakes over the fire, their time is up when the twine burns through.

Here they’re crossing a deep ravine with a steep cliffs on each side, and a raging torrent far below. (Some imagination required.) That’s the web master making the crossing, by the way. The lower rope was already there, but they had to take the other rope over, tie it off and get everyone from one side tothe other, and then get their rope back.

Now we see them pulling a victum of a fall up the side of the cliff to safety. This required them to tie a bowline, toss it to the victum and then pull him up to “safety” at the top of the cliff.

Here are a couple of scenic views of the camp. The first shows the waterfall, which is by the amplitheatre, and the second show some of the rock formations that give “Camp Falling Rock” its name.