Too much stuff clutters my life,
but I can’t bear to part with any of it.
What do I need?
___Good friends,
___a roof and a bed,
___a loaf of bread,
___ a glass of wine,
___ paper for poems,
___ a dulcimer for music…                                                                                  

And so it goes.  Before you know it,
___ I have not just a dulcimer, but mikes, amps, and recorders.
___ Not only paper, but a computer.
___ Not just bread and wine, but focaccia and Merlot.
___ Not just a roof and bed, but a mortgage.
___ Not just good friends, but a lover…

Well actually, some things you really do need…

6 Dec. 2003

Copyright 2003, by Steven K. Smith
All rights reserved

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