The Virtual Classroom

Here you will find a series of articles about various aspects of mountain dulcimer playing in general. There will be relatively little in the way of sheet music for you to learn. Instead, I want to give you some additional tools to aid your playing, composing, or general enjoyment of the dulcimer.

This page will probably always be under constrution. I hope to update this regularly, 
as time permits. Let me know what topics you’d like to see covered here.

Last Update: 2 January 2006

An “editorial” article with my thoughts on Composition and Improvisation.

Mountain Dulcimer Blues, Session One
The basics of the 12 Bar Blues on the mountain dulcimer
“Advanced Beginner” or “Intermediate” level. Revised to clarify the tuning used on 25 Jan, 1998

Mountain Dulcimer Blues, Session Two
How to play the blues in several different keys while tuned DAd
Includes tab for a Blues Study in F#

Mountain Dulcimer Blues, Session Three
How to play various “turnarounds” in blues pieces.
Includes nine different types of turnarounds.

Basic Chord Building for the Mountain Dulcimer
If you’ve always wondered what those letters above the line of printed music mean, read this article.
This is for “Just Past Beginner” level players.

String selection for DulcimerTechnoids
More than you ever wanted to know about how to choose the right string for your dulcimer.

Modes and Tunings on the Mountain Dulcimer
A description of how the heptatonic “church” modes work on the Mountain Dulcimer.
This is for “intermediate” to “Advanced Beginner” level players.

DAD to DAA and Back
What do you do if you’re tuned to DAD, but the tablature you want to play is for DAA tuning?
This is for “Just Past Beginner” level players.

Using Chord Shapes
How to apply the simple, but effective and powerful chord shape system to your playing, arranging, and/or composition.
“Just Past Beginner” level

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